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how do I keep my guinea pigs warm in winter? October 14, 2011

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Now that I have moved onto wearing my winter coat and am hunting around for my mittens I thought it a good time to start thinking about making plans to keep my guinea pigs warm as the weather gets colder.  


There seems to be a bit of a split opinion out there on whether guinea pigs are okay outside in winter, but personally I have found from experience, that provided they have a solid and secure draught free hutch that is kept dry and well stocked with hay they are fine outside all year round. 


Pet heat pad

I know that some people give their guinea pigs a hot water bottle at night when it’s really cold, but another option I’ve come across is this heat pad especially designed to be safe for pets.  It’s a SnuggleSafe heat pad, which, although pricey, it is vey large (approx 18cm diameter), comes with a removable fleecey cover and is able to keep a constant heat for up to 10 hours after a few minutes in the microwave.  They have a tartan and dog’s paw print version but I can only seem to find the paw print version at the moment (cater for guinea pigs too please!).

Snugglesafe heat pad with fleece cover, around £15 – £20 online


Guinea pig sleeping bag

I have also fallen in love with the gorgeous fleecy sleeping bags available for guineapigs –  try cosycavies.co.uk , where Helen makes a fantastic range of tunnels, hammocks, fleecy igloos and sleeping sacs to keep guinea pigs snug. You can choose your fabric and opt to have extra thick fleece to keep them extra warm. They are machine washable, but you may need  more than one so you have  a spare than one to cover wash days as guinea get fond of these very quickly!

Cosy  Cavies,  between £5 – around £10, depending on size, fabrics etc.





Water bottle cover

When the weather gets really cold, and dips to below zero at night you need to think about protecting your guinea pigs water bottle from freezing.  Pick up a cover to slip over your guinea water bottle to protect it from frost (and from algae forming too). There are various types available but I like the Classic version which comes in yellow, pink and blue.

Classic water bottle cover

around £5, pets shops or online




Hutch waterproofing

As well as the cold, you need to think about protecting the hutch from the rain. Guinea pigs should be kept dry and away from damp conditions so you should always make sure that the hutch is well waterproofed. You can add an extra layer of roofing felt to the hutch to give extra protection. Cut the roofing felt larger than the size of the roof and create a small over hang to protect from driving rain and draughts. Make sure that there is still plenty of ventilation. You can also buy specially design hutch rain covers to protect from the rain.


One Response to “how do I keep my guinea pigs warm in winter?”

  1. Emma Says:

    I keep my guineas outside in a dog crate with 4 towelson top lots and lots of hay and a work fabric hide I have. 2 guineas I just got em btw but anyway how dani keep them warm :(?

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